About Us


So what do you guys do? Solar Plans or Graphic Design?

Both. Atlas Designs Unlimited started off as only a Graphic Design company. The founder has always been an artist, his mother joked that he was born with a pencil in his hand. James first became interested in Graphic Design  in High School after working in the Print Shop as an elective. Upon Graduation he continued his education by getting his AA in Computer Drafting and Design. Through the course of his career James worked a few years at a small Solar Company where he got got to experience every aspect of the Solar field from Sales and Inspections to Pulling Permits and Installations. After moving out of that area James began freelancing using his Solar Drafting talents, slowly at first but eventually gaining a sizeable following. And the rest is History.

How long have you guys been doing Solar? How  many plans have you done?

We have been designing Solar Systems since 2009. We have done 1000's of plans since that time. 

Where are you located? Is it possible to sit down and talk with you in person about my project?

We are located in sunny Central California's City of Pismo Beach (NO outsourcing). We are halfway between Los Angeles and San Fransisco. If you are in the area or dont mind a drive we would absolutely love to sit down and meet with you. But be warned, its gorgeous here in Pismo, you might not want to leave.

Can you guys guarantee that I will get a permit the first time I go submit these solar plans?

No. But we do have a great rate at getting through plan check without any hiccups. Only about 5% of the plans we produce come back from the city with corrections. 

If there are corrections, do I have to wait a week for you to address them?

Nope. Having worked at a few different Solar Companies we know how important it is to get those plans back into the plan check as fast as possible. 

We put corrections as our top priority and address them before dealing with new jobs.

Do you guys include Structural Calculations?

While we don't have our own Structural Engineer, we have a few that we use on a regular basis who have proven to be very expedient in performing these calculations. If calculations are required by your City or County office, we make sure to show the Structural components of the roof to help facilitate the process. 

Once my plans are done, how do I pay you?

We have been using Paypal for years and find that they are the best option when it comes to money transactions over the internet. Typically invoices are expected to be paid within 3 days of being received. If there are extenuating circumstances, we can work with you. 

Why should we use your service to design our Solar Plans?


Our Solar plans start at $200 for basic residential jobs. That is $100 less than our closest competitor. 

Unlike the other drafting services out there we dont price gouge you. Thats why we are not afraid to post our price for the world to see. None of that " contact us for a quote" stuff.


We can typically turn plans around within 48 hours of receiving your order. No more waiting around all week for these to get done.


We have the experience and knowledge to tailor your plans to your specific jurisdiction and needs. Only about 5% of our plans come back with corrections.